Mukul Students are very fortunate to have dedicated and long term teachers at the School.

Elementary School

Grade* Teacher Name Email
JK Shashi Abrol jk@mukulhindischool.org
SK Mahalaxmi Gupta sk@mukulhindischool.org
Grade 1 Shashi Varma grade1@mukulhindischool.org
Grade 2 Neeti Kinger grade2@mukulhindischool.org
Grade 3 Shubhra Bajpai grade3@mukulhindischool.org
Grade 4 Minal Ranjan grade4@mukulhindischool.org
Grade 5 Rama Agarwal grade5@mukulhindischool.org
Grade 6 Shubha Gupta grade6@mukulhindischool.org
Grade 7 Aruna Gupta grade7@mukulhindischool.org
Grade 8 Aruna Gupta grade8@mukulhindischool.org
Grades 3-8 Beginner Level Mixed Class Renu Chopra beginner@mukulhindischool.org
Site Administrator Anyes Babillon anyes.babillon@ocdsb.ca 613-828-5115
Office Assistant Kangana Chawla kangana.chawla@ocdsb.ca 613-828-5115

* The Mukul School Grade vis-a-vis Public school Grade is very indicative in nature.

Credit School

Grade Teacher Name Email
Grade 9-12
Site Administrator

While Mukul school tries to keep children in the age group together, this in not always possible based on child's knowledge of Hindi and other Social Skills.
Should your child not be in an appropriate level as mentioned above, we encourage you to please raise this with respective teacher and/ or Site Administrator.