Management Committee

The Mukul Hindi School Management Committee is a committee of parent volunteers who represent the community. The Committee provides valuable input to the school boards for effective delivery of the Hindi language program. It also acts as a liaison between the boards and the parents/guardians. Parents/guardians can draw upon this resource to convey any issues/concerns to the board. The Committee likes to communicate/consult with all the parents throughout the year and would encourage active participation by parents/guardians. The members are committed to working with you as parents/guardians/individuals who have a vested interest in the Hindi programme, as well as the Boards of Education for Mukul's success. If you would like to volunteer, please contact one of the following members. The volunteer members are elected every year by the parents of the students of Mukul Hindi School. The committee is governed by the By-laws of the Mukul Hindi School.

Name Portfolio Contact Details
Dinesh Mohan Chairperson
Bhawani Kaul Vice Chairperson
Amit Bajpai Treasurer
Anuj Raj, Mitulika Chawla Education Coordinator
Sunita Kaul, Payal Arya Cultural Coordinator
Minal Ranjan,Arvind Bhatia Technology and Computers
Vinay Purohit, Pankaj Gupta Marketing
Vinay Purohit, Pankaj Gupta Fundraising
Pankaj Gupta Secretary
Vinay Purohit Volunteer Coordinator
Rajan Barara Ex-Officio

The extra curricular activities require planning, rental of facilities, issuance of awards, decoration, advertisement, printing, postage, snacks, etc. There is always need for dedicated volunteers, with a keen interest in the development of Mukul Children. This work can only continue with your generous support. Your help will be very much appreciated.