Class Achievement Award

The class achievement awards are presented to top students in every grade to recognize the outstanding overall achievement by those students.

  • Four (4) awards per grade
  • If a grade is split into 2 classes, four (4) awards per class
  • Two (2) awards per grade for combined classes (5&6, 7&8)
  • Four (4) awards for credit school students


  • Student must have an attendance of 70% or more during the school year.
  • Students receiving other awards (Seth, Neelesh Gupta, and Grade 4) are not eligible for class awards.


  • The award selection is based on weighted average of the grades recorded on OCDSB report card for the three categories - Language, Respect for Learning Environment and Heritage, Homework completion.
  • The teachers decide the weights for each category. The current weights are:
    • Language - 60%
    • Respect for Learning Environment and Heritage - 20%
    • Homework completion - 20%
  • The weights are consistent across all grades and are based on course content and evaluation.
  • The weights may be modified by the teachers during the school year.
  • Weighted average scores are computed for all students in a grade and top students (count based on details above) are selected for the award. (See Details)
  • The results are verified by the Site Administrator. The students names are masked from the list if the Site Administrator needs help from the chairperson and/or education coordinator of the management committee.
  • The Site Administrator presents the names of the award winners to the chairperson of the management committee to get the awards made.
  • Credit school students are selected by the credit school teacher and the names of award winners are given to the chairperson of the management committee to get the awards made.


  • The awards are given on the last day of school after the AGM by the respective class teachers