The idea of opening a Hindi Language School in the national capital region was first conceived in 1971 by Mrs. Medha Bhadkamkar, the wife of then High Commissioner for India in Canada. Aptly named as a flower about to blossom, "Mukul" was created in 1971 to provide its students with rich cultural experiences and add to their personal growth in their blossoming years. The efforts of Mrs. Bhadkamkar, along with the cooperation of several ladies of East Indian origin from the local community, gave shape to the idea and thus emerged "Mukul Hindi School". The very first classes were held in the National Library on Wellington St. in Ottawa.

The history of Mukul is closely interwoven with the Indian community in Ottawa-Hull. As the community flourished, so did Mukul. Over the years, the school has grown to a point where it started operating under the aegis of both the Heritage and International Language Programmes of the Ministry of Education, Ontario.