Mukul Management Committee Roles

The following descriptions are intended to portray various roles needed for Mukul Management Committee. It is quite possible one member of the committee performs multiple roles during the year.


Overall responsibility for the operations of the Committee and Mukul Hindi School. Often acts on behalf of the committee during school year. Represents the organization to the community; enhances the organization's image, including communications with external organizations.


Responsible for facilitating the Mukul Management Committee meetings. Coordinate the implementation of specific programs, including Annual Function Invitation Card and Brochure.


Guides the current Mukul Management Committee in the operational aspects, based on past experience.


Responsible for organizing Committee Meetings and follow-up on minutes of the meeting. This includes meeting with teachers and organization of General Body Meetings (Annual & Semi-Annual).


Responsible for the development of the budget and ensures accurate tracking/monitoring/accountability for funds. Treasurer is also responsible for prompt payments of invoices.


Responsible for the co-ordination of efforts of the teachers and volunteers for the delivery of quality education to students of Mukul Hindi School. May also act as the link between the board and the staff on program's activities. It is also essential to liaise with the Credit School programme on a regular and consistent basis. The resource will be the principal point of contact between Elementary and Credit School.


Responsible for all Cultural Programmes of Mukul Hindi School. Includes working with teachers to produce quality programmes with appropriate themes. Role also includes responsibility for arranging Audio and video equipments and/or services. Additionally, the role requires interaction with other Indian Community Organizations for participation in community programmes.


Responsible for the development and implementation of the Fundraising Plan. The role identifies and solicits funds from external sources to support the activities of the School. This role needs to work closely with the Marketing role.


Responsible for the development and implementation of the Marketing activities for Mukul Hindi School, including recruitment of new students and advertisement through community channels. Increasing visibility and promotion outside Mukul Community.

Volunteer Coordination

Responsible for identifying and maintaining Volunteer information and proactively engages these volunteers in Mukul activities.

This role needs to interact with other members of Mukul management Committee proactively, to determine volunteer requirements.

As a consequence, this role will also have the responsibility to maintain the list of parents and maintain this database.

Class Computer & Mukul Website

Responsible for the provision of computer software and manage the schedule of Computer Lab management with the teachers. The emphasis needs to be on innovative and consistent use of computers by the students.

This role will also be responsible for the maintenance of Mukul Website content, as this site will be used as a marketing tool.