Mukul Hindi School Privacy Policy

How We Manage Student Information

The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) requires us to obtain permission from parents/guardians to publicize information that may identify their children. Parents/Guardians are asked to choose whether or not we can include their child's work, photos, and videos on communication platforms, as described below, when showcasing their talents and participation, or when publicizing school events and activities. If you choose not to consent, your child's picture will still appear in the school yearbook, if the school publishes a yearbook.

Freedom of information and consent

By consenting to the disclosure of personal information, you allow the sharing or publishing of student information on various communications platforms. This may include photographs, videos, or student work. It could also include written details about an event, activity, sport, or accomplishment including:

  • community publications such as school newsletters
  • products that showcase written submissions from students or student work
  • Mukul's website ( and others
  • social media, such as school Facebook, YouTube or Twitter accounts
  • local or national media publications, newspapers, or advertisements

Specific information is protected and will not be disclosed

Specific personal health information is protected by the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). This includes student's addresses and phone numbers, health information, emergency contacts, and information regarding student assessments. In accordance with PHIPA, we cannot share this kind of personal information without your prior written consent.

Showcasing notable student work and accomplishments

We showcase student achievement to demonstrate the strength of the Mukul community. When students are recognized, their work may be displayed for the public. This may include student essays, projects, or artwork. A great deal of student work is recognized through awards, prizes, and scholarships. When this recognition happens, we want to tell the community about it. We are proud of our students, and showcasing their talents and abilities demonstrates our commitment to supporting them while they learn and grow.

Technology and personal information

When using technology, we follow specific privacy principles outlined by the Ontario Privacy Commissioner. Personal contact information, such as email addresses, phone numbers and names may be used by Management Committee to communicate information to parents. It is not shared with other parents or anyone external to the school board. Schools may send out messages to parents, by phone or by email. Individuals may opt to unsubscribe from this service by contacting their child's school.