Policy & Procedure


Mukul Hindi School Constitution is available by following this link Mukul Constitution.

Mukul Code of Conduct document is available by following this link Code of Conduct.

Mukul Hindi School Nut Free Policy is available by following this link Nut Free Policy.

Mukul Hindi School Volunteer Procedure is available by following this link Volunteer Procedures.

School Procedures

Student Development & Progress

Should you have any issues or concerns regarding the academic development of your child, please discuss the same with the class teacher, at the earliest.

If your concerns are still not resolved or addressed to your satisfaction, please talk to Mrs. Ansari, at the School Administration Office.

Please note that Teacher Evaluation is outside the purview of Mukul Management Committee.

Student Absence and Late Arrivals

Students who are late arriving at school are expected to bring a note stating the reason for lateness. Students must first come to the office to obtain a late slip before proceeding to class.

To ensure student safety & security, parents are asked to telephone the school at (613) 239-2213 before 9:30 AM on any Hindi School day(s) when their child(ren) will be away from school.

Visitors To The School

Visitors to the school are asked to use the front entrance and to stop at the office before proceeding to a classroom or elsewhere in the school. All visitors will be asked to wear a special "Visitors" button. This helps to ensure the protection and security of all students, and it also prevents classroom interruptions at inappropriate times. Parents are welcome to visit the school. Please make arrangements with teachers and the office prior to your visit. If you wish to see the Site Administrator appointments can be made through the Office. Parents picking up children, after the regular dismissal time, are requested to meet them outside or in the front foyer at the front entrance or near the office.

Release of Students During School Hours

If you wish your child(ren) to leave the school during the day, please send a note to the teacher(s) indicating the reason for leaving as well as the time. This will accompany the child(ren) to the office where he/she will wait for you.

When it is necessary for a child to go home during the day because of illness or for any other reason, you will be contacted before the child is permitted to leave.

When your child(ren) is/are to leave the school during the school hours he/she should check out through the office where a sign-out book is available. Parents must pick up their child(ren) from the office, not the classroom.