Ottawa Carleton District School Board

International Language Programme

The Ottawa Carleton District School Board offers courses in International Languages (Elementary and Secondary) through the Continuing Education Department. Communities work in partnership with the school board in order to provide high-quality instruction in non-official languages of Canada.

The International Languages (Elementary) Program is mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training and is free to students eligible to attend Ontario Schools (a consumable fee of either $12.50 or $15.00 to cover text book, work book etc. will be charged - see OCDSB letter for details ). For out of province students, there might be additional fee - please consult the Site Administrator for the amount.

Bring cash or cheque payable to OCDSB International Languages Program on Registration Day to Mukul Hindi School.

To register, complete the Registration form in hard copy (PDF FORMAT) and bring it to Mukul Hindi School location on Registration Day.

For further information on the Elementary and Secondary International Languages Program or for requests on other languages please call (613) 239-2703