Book Series

The objective of creating Mukul Hindi School book series is to assist children in the learning of Hindi language. Children who live outside of India should learn Hindi language with enthusiasm and interest. The content of these books is created keeping in mind the ability and interest of children to learn Hindi in a foreign environment. The intent of this book series is to enhance the children's development towards learning Hindi language.

The content for the Mukul Book Series have been compiled from various Hindi language books and other sources, in addition to original creation by Mukul Volunteers. We would like to deeply acknowledge the authors of these various books and sources for their contribution as well as Mukul Volunteers without whose help the Mukul Book Series would have just remained a dream.

This book series will provide an easy and consistent path for the children enrolled in the International Language Programme of Ottawa Carleton District School Board (O.C.D.S.B.) to learn the Hindi language. The book series content includes stories, illustrations, essays, poems and art work which will allow all children to understand the connection between Hindi language and the Indian History and Culture. The book content is further enriched with many illustrations and pictures to make the learning process more interesting.

Our intent is to continuously evolve this book series so that the children benefit from the learning of Hindi Language with relevance to their current environment.

Mukul Hindi School Customized Book Policy is available by following this link Book Policy.