Gold Sponsor

In return for $ 1,000 (Gold Sponsorship) for the entire year, Mukul offers the sponsor exposure and goodwill in the Indian community in Ottawa. For example, Mukul will do the following:

  • Our web site will link to the sponsor's website.
  • Sponsor can display brochures, flyers at the school every Saturday
  • At all functions of the school, such as Diwali Mela, Holi, Annual Function etc, sponsor's promotional material can be displayed.
  • A large banner with sponsor's Logo will be displayed at all functions. Sponsor's logo will be the largest logo, for their industry.
  • Sponsor will have a full page advertisement in the back cover of our annual function brochure which has an attendance of over 500 persons.
  • Sponsor's Logo will also be on the back cover of the brochure.