Neelesh Gupta Memorial Award

The Neelesh Gupta Memorial Award is named in honor of a former Mukul Hindi School student and beloved son of Ottawa's Indian community. His strength of character and his indomitable spirit continues to permeate the essence of each and every student who passed through these corridors of learning.

The Neelesh Gupta Memorial Award is presented to one (1) student from grade 6 of Mukul Hindi School for academic excellence.


  • Student must be enrolled in good standing with Mukul Hindi School for 2 years.
  • Student must be graduating student in grade 6 of the school. If there is not enough competition then other (non-graduating) students of next higher grade may be included for award competition.
  • The award can be received only once by the student during his/her years at Mukul Hindi School.
  • This award cannot be received in conjunction with other awards.
  • The student must have participated in the cultural events hosted by the Mukul Hindi School such as Holi, Diwali and Annual Functions.
  • The student must have demonstrated respect for his/her community, peers, teachers and Mukul Hindi School.


  • The selection is based on achieving the highest marks in the written test conducted in April.
  • All grade 6 students passing the eligibility criteria are allowed to write the test.
  • The test evaluation is done by two (2) external evaluators.
  • The test topic is selected by the evaluators and is given to the students at the beginning of the test.
  • The students are evaluated for expression, ideas, grammar and writing for their test submissions.
  • The test results from the evaluators are communicated to the Site Administrator, who then calculates the average marks to select the top scoring student.
  • The Site Administrator presents the name of the award winner to the chairperson of the management committee to get the trophy made.


  • The award is presented during the Annual Function.
  • The award may be presented by the award sponsor, a special guest, principal, teacher or any distinguished member of the Indian community.
  • The recipient will receive the Neelesh Gupta Memorial Award trophy and a brief note describing Neelesh.