Seth Award

The Seth Award is presented to top three (3) students from the graduating class of Mukul Hindi School who are true role models in academic excellence for all other students in the school.


  • Student must be enrolled in good standing in Mukul Hindi School program.
  • Student must have completed at least 3 years in Mukul Hindi School.
  • Student must be a graduating student in grade 8 of the school. If there is not enough competition then other (non-graduating) students of next higher grade may be included for award competition.
  • This award cannot be received in conjunction with other awards.


  • 2 written tests are conducted in class during the school year for the selection - one in December and one in April (on the same date as other Award test).
  • All students of grade 8 passing the eligibility criteria write these tests.
  • The top three (3) students are selected for this award. The 90% of total marks are based on the written tests and 10% of the marks are based on the general behavior of the student for all years he/she studied in the school.
  • The evaluation is done by the grade 8 teacher.
  • The Site Administrator presents the names of the award winners to the chairperson of the management committee to get the trophies made.


  • The award is presented during the Annual Function, preferably by the Chief Guest.